An example of a Morning Nature Adventure Program

9:30am: Drop-off at the picnic area near Grace Simmons Lodge at Elysian Park.

9:30-9:45am: Welcome Circle, where we identify our spirit animals, practice using talking sticks and craft name pendants, complete with decorative feathers and beads. 

9:45-10:00am: Science Lesson. Examples include: 

-Ecosystems and the dependency of all plants and animals upon one another, and the need to preserve them all.

-The Energy Pyramid- how energy is passed through ecosystems from the sun all the way up to us.

-Natural Cycles, such as the cycle of life, migrating birds, seasonal changes, water or mineral cycles. 

-Animal Lessons- insights into animal behavior and what we can learn from them.

-Local Medicinal and Edible Plants that the native people before us depended upon.

10:00-10:10am: Preparing for our walk, including going over rules and safety, and distributing binoculars, hand lenses, field guides and notebooks. 

10:10-11:00am: Nature Walk

We will walk and talk, see, smell and touch different plants, trees and animals in the park. We will practice treading as softly as a Native American. We will teach plant, bird, and animal track identification, and collect stones and other natural materials for crafts back at camp. We will apply our science lesson to the nature we witness along our walk. 

We will also pause at a scenic spot for a mid-morning snack the children bring with them.

11:00-11:10am: Evaluation of our walk and findings. We will  guide the children to reach a deeper understanding of their nature experience by providing short questions and mindful tasks.

11:10am-12:00pm: Crafting Time! We will decorate t-shirts, hats, make native American-inspired jewelry or musical instruments, medicine bags, headbands, etc.!

12:00pm: Come pick up your lovely kids! 

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